Friday, March 21, 2008

Vineyard Scenes

I used to hate painting vineyards...too many rows to mess with and they slow you down. Then I began to realise after painting a few that vineyard scenes usually have the things I like painting...deep shadows, great contrasts in dark/light due to the bright highlights on the tops of the grape plant and room to allow great sky work. They also offer the chance to work on atmosphere as well as give you a chance to work on painting distance into a scene.
Working on these paintings is really good practise in capturing all these elements in a painting so I've done a few of these now. I just recently finished 3 of them and thought it woul be cool to post them together to show the variations in painted vineyards. I am totally no pro at them yet, or with any other subject for that matter, but I am always trying to paint better paintings and this is the price for that...paint, paint, paint.
Here they are..........
Vineyard Shadows

12"x16" Oil on Canvas

Domaine Alfred Vineyard

9"x12" Oil on Canvas

Mosby Sunlight

12"x16" Oil on canvas


Teresa said...

Beautiful work Ron!!! Really, these are awesome, and your grasses rock!!!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Teresa,
Thanks for the good words. I've got to find this artist and send you a link...his grasses are the bomb...very realistic.

I like suggestive grasses though and am really doing them more to work on making them look good. I think foreground grasses that look really good make a great entrance into the painting for the viewer.
Thanks again Teresa.

Larry Seiler said...

lookin good, Ron...
not sure driving by a vineyard I'd have thought to set up and paint it, but seeing your work here makes it seem like a no brainer...why, of course it would be good to paint. Look at these!!!

very lovely


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Larry,
Everyone around here paints vineyards which is why I didn't want to paint them at first. I tried my first one as a commission so it was unavoidable....since then I wanted to learn to just paint them better so the quest goes on. Thanks for taking a look Larry.