Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Morning Sycamore Tree

" Morning Sycamore"
8" X 10"
Oil on canvas covered panel

I usually toss between two trees, eucalyptus and oak, which is a bad habit but in my defense I love both trees and they are plentiful where I live. Still, if Lennon & McCartney only wrote love songs we'd have never heard Sgt Pepper, I Am The Walrus or Glass Onion right? So, it was off to paint a Sycamore tree for me.
This one was found close to home in the local mountains. There is a stand of trees of mostly sycamore and oak right before one of the valleys. It's my favorite part of that drive and I've stopped there many times to get reference photos or just drink my coffee and enjoy a very special place. All of the land off the road belongs to local ranchers and No Trespassing signs line the gates on dirt roads that go in. It must have been a much better world back when ranchers did not fence in cattle on their land...have you ever wondered how many very cool things must be on private property that the public will never see? Not that all of the public would want to but there are those that would. Artists, writers, poets, photographers...all stop at the No Trespassing sign. Maybe there is a good point for trespassing to begin with.


Celeste said...

Seeing all your recent work here together is such a pleasure. Keep coming back to this one though - it just glows with inviting warmth.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Celeste,
Thanks for the comments and checking out the work Celeste. I did a larger 16x20 of this one treying to get the same results...close too. Hard to replicate a painting though and probably not the best idea to try, hahaha. Getting close worked for me.

Josefina said...

Hi Ron !
This painting is beautiful. I enjoy very much paintings like this one.
Thanks for showing it.
Josefina from Argentina.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Josefina,
Thank you! This was fun to paint because it was a different type of tree for me. I was used to painting oaks and eucalyptus trees so going to a sycamore tree was a fun challenge. Thanks again.