Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Valley Nocturne

I've painted this scene in it's day setting and it came out pretty cool. 2 paintings down the line I decided to try painting it in a night scene. As I started to do a very rough sketch I decided to do it from memory and change a few things that I didn't think I needed from the first painting, moved a few things around and elliminated a few others. I just needed the perspective of the scene not the original painting.

The purpose was to try another experiment in painting the colors of night skies. Blues, blacks, greens etc. I'm trying to find a version that really strikes a chord in me that I will use more often. I will use various hues but I'm sure there is one that will excite me more than the others.

"Valley Nocturne"

9" X 12"

Oil on canvas covered panel


Ryan Evans said...

Hi Ron

I like the nocturne sky colours- looks pretty effective to me


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan,
Thanks! I like seeing how dark you can go and the various shades you can use. I've tried the blue/green look and the darker ultramarine blue look. The UB looks is closer to night colors but that blue/green look is pretty cool looking and has a sort of eerie effect. Trouble is that I like both so I'll probably use both down the line for future paintings.
Hope married life is agreeing with you Ryan!.