Friday, September 26, 2008

Carpinteria Show

Carpinteria, California....this is a cool town to have an art show at. The artist community down there is one of the best group of people I have ever worked with. They are a close happy group with a love of being from a special small of those beachside towns that has kept it's small town look and feel....not an easy thing to do for most towns that "once were" on Californias coast. If Santa Barbara had hung on to what Carpinteria had that would be a great place to hang out. Parking in SB is worse than any part of Los Angeles and I have been all over the LA basin and all of the outlying cities.
Anyway....I have a painting in this show and the reception is tomorrow, Saturday 27, 2008. It is from 5-7 PM so if you are in the area drop on by. It's on 855 Linden Ave, south of the 101 freeway.
Atmosphere, Wind and Shadows
***855 at the Arts Gallery***
Sep 27 - Nov 10 2008
Tel - 805-684-7789


Ryan Evans said...

Cool- good luck in the show Ron!

Sounds like a nice coastal town too, and can appreciate what you mean as the coastal towns here are changing fast with developments.


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan,
I've always lived somewhat inland but living in a small coastal town would be pretty awesome. They usually are tight knit communities.
I won an Honorable Mention for one of my nocturnes in this show. I also had the luck of meeting the judge too, Thomas Van Stein, who is a pretty well known painter of nocturnes. He's had work in Artist Magazine as well as in Southwest Art. We had a nice chat so this was a pretty cool show.
Thanks Ryan.