Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Summer Meadow Nocturne

" Summer Meadow Nocturne"
9" X 12"
Being on the nocturne craze lately I did this one last night in record time, (for me), about 2 hours tops. All I wanted to do was do another nocturne with a lighter sky and that's how it all happened. Not much planning at all. The nocturnes I'm doing all teach me things and they really are experiments on variations not so much being painted to be paintings at all....makes sense??? I did this one for varying the sky colors....the one below was done to splash light in a nocturne....the next one was to go with a darker sky and throw shadow/contrast more. These are all lessons self taught to me by just painting them and seeing how it goes. In the least it is damned fun!


Alexandre Jay said...

You sure work fast, Ron! I'd be 'over the moon' if I'd created this piece 2 hours. I've only attempted one nocturne and it's not on any of my sites, so you can guess the outcome!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Alexandre,
My early pieces all took much longer to finish. Sometimes I get lucky and a painting just jumps our of the brush....sometimes you want that to happen and you spend days on it, hahaha.
I'm still experimenting on sky colors...various blues. The greens have a lot of grey in them...it's really just experimenting with each one to see what works. Try another one Alexandre.