Sunday, September 07, 2008

Morning in Green and Gold

"Morning in Green and Gold"
16" X 20" Oil on canvas

The season is going to change and the trees are starting to show it. This large sycamore is close to where I live and shows some of the leaves just starting to turn brown. I love the trunks on these sycamores. Sometimes white, blue, pink, brown, and a huge assortment of greys. They are dusty and have bark flaking off at times...awesome textures too. I could probably paint oaks, sycamores and eucalyptus trees for the rest of my life and never tire of doing it. These are the trees I can remember growing up with in Pasadena. Many were here before I was and will be long after I'm gone. You have to respect that!
Trees are like huge ancient elders put here on earth to watch the trouble us humans get ourselves in! Imagine the stories a tree could tell us if they could speak.
some details....


Alexandre Jay said...

Beautiful art, Ron. I like your use of muted colour and depiction of light and shadow. All makes for wonderfully atmospheric piece.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Alexandre,
Thanks for taking a look and the good comments. The morning light up there really pops these trees. It was really just a matter of adding the muted background to make this one work. Those highlights would have pretty much muted most backgrounds.

Dianne Mize said...

Great light, Ron. I'm sorta sad that the greens will soon be gone. I'm not ready to let them go.

Back to your painting, I love the glow you got with the red-violets.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Dianne,
Yeah, I will miss the summer leaves on these trees...of course, Winter here is not filled with snow so I'm ready for it. Dry brown summers and the many shades of greens in our Winters.

Actually, both times serve their purpose and as artists we just need to grab as much as we can while we have them. I am really learning to love exploring with both greens and golds that the seasons throw or way each year.

So many things to learn! I need more paint and more hands to hold the brushes!

Thanks for checking this one our Dianne!