Friday, November 20, 2009


I have somehow managed to start a new routine while getting ready for the show this weekend. In staying up late, drinking tons of coffee and after doing things for the show I have managed to do another painting before bed...I always loved painting at night anyway, hahaha. Actually, all the fuss in getting ready for the show causes me to feel guilty I'm not painting so I end up just staying up late to paint. This one was finished at 3:30 AM. I should call it "The Nightowl Eucalyptus".
Not from any reference photo, just painting away in hopes of completing another painting and brushing up on trees. I'm not a fan of the eucalyptus trees that look like this...I call them pom poms....but I have to try painting them anyways. I like the bushier ones that are commonly used for windbreaks on farms and ranches around here. So many little time.

"Near The Foothills"

9" X 12" Oil on panel

I really like the foreground in this one as well as the background...really fun parts to do. The tree was painted a little differently than I normally do these so it took me a little longer to paint. I think it will take me a few paintings to get used to seeing them this way...

Here are some details.....


Anonymous said...

Ron, I too love the foreground in this painting. I keep thinking I should be taking lessons from your work, but can't figure out how you create such beautiful moody pieces in oil! I'm struggling with oil at the moment and it's an off on love affair!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for the very kind words. That moodiness gets in there but I'd have a heck of a time trying to explain it, hahaha. I would have the same troubles if I switched mediums and went to watercolors and probably even acrylics.

I painted in acrylics a lot in college and got along quite well with it back then. I bought a few basic acrylics about 3 years ago just to mess with and found that I was really bad with them. Whatever I had learned was totally hiding and not coming out.