Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trying the Pochade Box

Was up late last night readying for the show and decided I couldn't wait any longer to try a painting out with the new pochade box. I decided to get the easel setup and do a painting. I chose a ref photo I took of the oak scattered foothills below nearby Grass mountain. The easel worked great but I need to build an attachment to hold my wet brushes. Seems to be a good steady platform though so I'm looking forward to getting out before it gets too cold to do it.
How organized huh!?...Don't sweat it...a few paintings down the line and that area for mixing will be a mess that only I can make my way through. I took this photo right after the scene was blocked in and I had started working back to front.

Here is the finished painting before I took it down to get a good photo. Sorry for the glare.

And lastly the finished painting...I'm pretty happy with it and trying out the new pochade box was lots of late night fun.
"Oaks Below the Figueroas"

9" X 12" Oil on panel


Mick Carney said...

Great job all round. Isn't it exciting to try something new. You must be really pleased with your box. Some interesting glimpses of your work space and some of the bits and pieces there. Another fine Ron piece.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mick,
I was telling Linda when she woke up that I was happy the first one off of this new easel was a keeper! hahaha....a nice way to start using that off with.

I'm amazed at how light it is....I had my Dad build me a pochade box that I sketched out for him to use as plans but it is four times as heavy as this box.

All those paintings in the background are for the studio tour....I'll post pics of that after this weekend. My studio is in it's annual clean state! hahahaha. Thanks Mick.