Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Demise of The Allegro, Santa Barbara

" The Demise of the Allegro"
16" X 20" Oil on canvas
The Allegro is one of 12 boats that were washed ashore on East beach during our recent row of massive storms. Heavy surf at Santa Barbara's East beach, which is nicknamed "Fools Anchorage" by the locals, proved fatal as many boats snapped anchor lines during the week of storms. The Allegro was one of several boats wrecked by the unprotected anchorage and washed ashore at the foot of the bluffs near East beach. 2 other boats were down there but strong surf and a risky hike kept me from getting any better photos of them.

While taking photos the owner was down there removing what he could before the sea took care of the rest of the boat. Her rudder was missing and half of her was buried in the sand. Scattered nearby were bits and pieces, rope, a tv, shattered fiberglass pieces. I saw one boat that had 2 anchor lines both snapped by the heavy surf. The deck cap, which is the molded deck and cabin tops that are bolted and glued to the hull, was ripped loose at the stern and her hull had 2 foot cracks in it.


Marian Fortunati said...

OMG.... This is SUCH an amazing painting, Ron...
I had to look very carefully to realize it was a painting and not a photo...
Did the owner buy this... Although sad, it is a great "portrait" of the ship.

If not... it's certainly California coastal!!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Marian,
No, I never got to speak to the owner as he was making his last trip to his car with stuff and I was speaking to another guy who was there to check on his boat which was still out at anchor.

I'm hoping that this one makes it into the show. I'd like to enter a small one to the show...had good luck in the past selling those smaller paintings....8"x10" sizes. Then again you have to hope to get both into the show to begin with, hahaha.
Thanks for the nice comments Marian.

Doris said...

Beautiful and tragic...your description of this scene is both stunning and haunting Ron!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Doris,
Thanks for taking a look at the painting and for taking the time to sign on it. Much appreciated. The day after a big storm always brings the good and bad. For the owners of these boats it was all bad I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

A simple trip to the harbor and a guest slip would have prevented all of those boats from washing ashore. Fools Anchorage lives up to it's name every year.

Ron Guthrie said...

Yep, anywhere in the harbor would have been a better bet....although a bit scarier, putting to sea would have been a little safer. Why when a storm comes along, and we know when they are coming, don't the owners at least stay onboard in case they snap or drag an anchor line. I had a boat in a very protected marina back in the 80's and I still went down to make sure all of my lines were holding. While I was there I saved the bimini top on the boat next to mine from blowing away. Buy it, tie it up and forget about it seems to work for so many.