Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Manu Mele Aground at Santa Barbara

"Manu Mele Aground at Santa Barbara"
12" X 24" Oil on canvas
This is another of the wrecked boats from out recent storms this winter. On the transom of the Manu Mele it says she was from Maui, Hawaii. It's a shame to see this boat end up like this. Around 12 boats snapped their anchor lines in that storm and they were hammered onto the beach by the rough seas. 2 more of these boats are seen further down the beach in this scene. Once the owners get what they can off of their boats the city would crush up whats left and cart if off in a dumpster. That would be hard for any boatowner to stand and watch.


Diane Cutter said...

Ron... you've portrayed this sad scene so well, with the gray skies and the other boats in the distance. I'm delighted to see these paintings come out of those fantastic photos you took, though tragic for the owners.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks! I was dropping off paperwork down there when I noticed the boats washed up on shore. Luckily I had my camera and just took the photos for my own interest. There were suggestions to paint something from them so that's how this all came about.
I can really feel the loss that these boat owners have gone through. The feeling of loss that a lot of people who have seen these paintings seem to feel is a good sign that I have captured that in the paintings. Probably that is the only good thing about the whole situation.
Thanks Diane.

Ryan Evans said...

Really moody painting Ron- certainly captured that feeling of sadness

Great work


Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for the comments Ryan. The day I was down there snapping pic it was raining off and on but the end of the storm was insight. The next day all was sunny skies. We had a good 2 weeks of rains but that second week was just pounding away. Was kind of an eerie sight to see the destruction on the beach here.