Friday, February 19, 2010


"A Sketch....."
This really wasn't a painting about a eucalyptus tree. This sketch was done to brush up on landscape work and to try some color mixes out and some minor painting ideas too. This was painted on a student canvas covered board. I have a couple of packs (of 4 each I think) that cost practically nothing from Blick in Pasadena.....which used to be The Art Store on Raymond Ave....been going there for years. I use these to try things out without wasting good canvas or canvas covered panels. A lot of them are now being sold as Acid Free too. I'm not sure what most of them are mounted ...used to be normal stiff cardboard which was no good except for student work. They are now making some that are on masonite type boards with Acid Free glue which is very cool....archival. Now if they could just put real quality canvas on them they'd sell a million. I have some that I bought in Santa Barbara at Art Essentials (bring your American Express card though!) that were made by Fredrix that have Belgian Linen on them...very cool but not quite the same feel as stretched linen....which I still rarely buy due to the cost. I'd love to paint on them but I need to sell more work before that happens, hahaha.

See how well I went off into left field!? That comes from painting alone too much...then when someone listens to you out comes the life story. Sorry. I won't go into the things I was shooting for or experimenting with but I learned a couple of things on this one which actually makes this sketch a success...if only for myself.

By the way....Marian Fortunati, an artist friend I met at the CAC shows recently said some very sweet words about me on her Blog that really warmed my heart. Marian is a very good artist who is a painting machine. I read about her adventures in painting a lot and am just blown away at her dedication to our journey in creating our lifes work. She has a painting that was juried into the current CAC show at the Blinn House in Pasadena that is great work. If anyone who reads this has a chance to get over there, that show, and Marian's painting would be well worth the trip. Thanks Marian...You Da Babe!


Marian Fortunati said...

Wow... How nice, Ron, of you to say....
But really I think I've held you high ever since the day I met you and your were so kind and nice AND you actually remembered me the next time we met.

LOVE your work... and yes.. It would be great if we were in the next Blinn House show together. YOU get in every time you try...
Your work is so terrific... That shipwrecked boat in the last post is awesome!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Marian,
I've been lucky so far at the Blinn House. Fun shows down there. I joke with Linda about the irony of getting juried into shows in my hometown after I moved 100 miles away. My um um. I do hope we both get in again.

It was easy remembering you. The first time we met we ended up talking about your hubby who was from Italy and the next person to show up that morning was dropping off work (for her boss I think) and she was from Italy too. Small world sometimes.

Lets cross out fingers Marian!! Thanks for the comments on the boat one to paint.