Friday, November 04, 2011

Eucalyptus Tree

"Eucalyptus Tree"
20" X 24" Oil on Canvas
I had painted this scene about a year ago but back then I painted grasses a certain way. When I see work that has those grasses I want to go back over them and paint them the way I do now. I have moved on to a looser look with the grasses, more "weedy" looking grasses. This one was not varnished so it was easy to just throw it on the easel and go back over the grasses...really, just adding to what was already there. Fun stuff.


    Sandy Farley, Fine Artist said...

    Lovely -- very tactile work in your forefront grass, and dreamy mood captured perfectly. I like the effect. :-)

    Ron Guthrie said...

    Thanks Sandy,
    I'm much happier with the grasses in this one now. The trouble with having work around too long is you will always see some need for improvement, hahaha. I suppose that's not a a bad thing though.