Thursday, November 10, 2011

Santa Ynez Valley Artists Studio Tour

S Y V   A R T I S T  S T U D I O  T O U R   N O V 18-20
The 2011 studio tour is coming up next week. Linda and I always look forward to the Studio Tour. It's a great chance to meet the people who enjoy my work, talk to old friends and make new ones. I've got some really nice new work up on the walls and we're just about ready for the show now...good thing because I just was picked for jury duty! Yes, there is a down side to excersizing your right to vote, haha.   
If you can make it up to the Santa Ynez Valley come on by. We will yak it up!
There are some great artists on this tour and it is a lot of fun getting to see the various studios and all of that very cool work.


cbmosaics said...

We're hoping to make it up there again, Ron! Any favorite breakfast places we could try? :) Look forward to seeing you and Linda and your new work!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Christine,
Ellens Pancake House in Buellton is one of our favorite places. One block west of the freeway. Another good place is Paulas Pancake House on 246 (Mission Ave.)as you come into town. The other is Arnes on Copenhagen Dr....usually less busy of the 3.
Hope to see you guys up here Christine!! Cool.