Monday, July 13, 2015

California Condor Painting

My neighbor Jim and his mammoth California Condor painting

Well my neighbor Jim has finally finished his large undertaking of painting a lifesized California Condor. Out here they pretty much know each condor there is. This condor is AC3 which stands for Adult Condor #3. Unfortunately this condor was found dead in a tree and had died from lead goes like this, lead in bullets, people shoot rats, squirrels they die, condor eats them since a condor is a scavenger and the lead in the bullets leaches into the condors system and it kills them. It's a sad way to die for such a majestic bird.
What to do with the painting....Jim isn't sure yet. I will go back to his house soon and put the painting on sawhorses so he can sign his name to it. He's pretty proud of the painting. For a guy who has never painted before he did a fine job of it. What someone can do with determination! Bravo Jim! 


in-the-bag said...

Thank you for posting Jim's finished painting and please thank Jim for sharing it. He inspires me!

Anonymous said...

Does Jim have a website or better images of his condors?