Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Santa Ynez Valley...A Meadow View

This painting was sketched out last night in pencil on a piece of scrap paper. Not much of a sketch, merely the outline of what I had in my head to paint. The colors come as I paint the scene on te canvas. I have an idea of what I want so it's not entirely unplanned. This type of painting is done merely to use my imagination and memory of the elements in the painting...trees, grasses, distant mountain ranges. All I do is organize the composition and start painting. Super fun to do.

"Meadow View"

9" X 12"

Oil on canvas covered panel

This scene would be what I imagine the Santa Ynez valley would look like years ago in spring. There are rolling hills here and trees spread through the valley. A path like this would have been created by the Chumash Indians or early settlers, maybe even hunters up from Santa Barbara in search of deer which we have plenty of.

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