Monday, January 12, 2009

A Winding Trail

I started this one late last night. I was working from my head and trying simply to do get better at them. It's a little too similar to other scenes like this, but hey, some painters will paint the same scene 20 times to get to a result they like so why not me too. I need to push myself into throwing more light in my other words, bigger skyholes, more trunks. I find myself going this far with my trees and being happy. Is that wrong? I dunno. Forcing myself to change because other painters do their trees with more light seems like I'm chasing someone elses vision. I'm teeter tottering on them. We'll see what happenes down the line I guess.

I decided to snap pics of the progress but got caught up and forgot some shots I wish I had taken but the ones here show the WIP pretty well.

Here is the block in of the sky. A mix of light blue on top and then mixing in a bit of cadmium yellow medium...just plopped down randomly awaiting the trusty fan brush for blending.

Next is the blending...just brushing in an X pattern untill it looks good.Here I painted in the background and blocked in the darks for my trees. I've got my grasses blocked in too but I'll add lots of work there soon.Now I begin to detail the trees. This is just by lightening my dark green mix. I save a bit of the dark mix for touch ups later. I've begun touching up the grasses too. I start with a knife adding color and then finish up with brushes.In the end it became this scene. Pretty fun to do and no sweat dealing with a reference photo. The fun part is you make it what you want and all you have to do is follow some basic painting principles. It's not a Grandville Redmond but then again he couldn't paint like me either! He might not have wanted to but we won't go there today....hahaha.

"A Winding Trail"

8" X 10"
Oil on Canvas

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