Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Moon Over Kansas

" Moonrise Over Kansas"
12" x 24" Oil on Canvas
OK...I can't sit and paint vineyards non stop. I've been wanting to paint this scene of a field of Brome hay on the farm next to where my Army reunion was at. The farm is owned by a lady who is an Artist. She's built a small studio on the property with plans to open her own studio there down the line. The studio looks like an old cabin nestled under some huge trees...very cool looking but at this moment very hard to find because she does'nt really have a road leading to it, more like a dirt trail and it's overgrown now from the hay. The next time I go out there I hope to meet her.
This scene is looking away from the cabin towards another farm next to hers. The sun was setting and the moon was on the rise. The moon looked so small compared to the massive sky it was floating in. This is type of painting is totally one of just enjoying the moment, the moonrise, the light...a very tranquil moment. One thing about Kansas...it really slows a person down and gets you in tune with things you only glance at record speed here in CA. In Kansas there was plenty of time to sit and watch a sunset with all of it's changing colors, the clouds floating by and really enjoy the show. I suppose that's what we do on vacation. I did that every night for 5 days and haven't' had the time to do it once since I've been back home. I suppose that was the enticement to paint this one, to see that sky again.


Anonymous said...

Ron, I really like this one too. Your work is becoming more and more minimal.... Fantastic to be able to create such a beautiful landscape with just the essence of what is going on.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Maggie,
You know, in looking back at my earlier works I began to feel that with less sky I tended to put in too much...trying to make a landscape "complete"....ie:busy.

I have lately started to really notice the land and sky as a whole and how they compliment each other. The land has the earthy colors and detail so it seems natural to let in more sky and just put in enough land to get the point across. It's sort of a balancing act but works very well when it goes right....still working on that part Maggie.
Thanks a lot for your comments Maggie.