Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Santa Ynez...Evening Light

"Evening Across Santa Ynez"
12" X 24" Oil on Canvas
I love the last light hitting the mountains. It always gives off this wonderful reddish glow up here in the Santa Ynez Valley. If you are around earlier and are just a bit away from the mountains they have this fantastic light blue color...drives me crazy. I'm from Pasadena and that's a more desert environment than here...lower elevation of course. as I was growing up down there the San Gabriel mountains had the same wonderful pinkish-red color...shifting to violet as the light grew dimmer. I love the San Gabriels...harder than heck to paint though.
Anyway....this was the view one night from the eastern part of town in Santa Ynez looking towards the south side of the valley. I was after that pink glow and nice shadows.
a detail of the painting.....

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