Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Artist Studio Tour 2010

Part of the studio ready to the show early saturday morning
The 2010 Santa Ynez Valley Artist Studio Tour was this last weekend and went very well. That's a big change from last years disaster due to super low sales. Sales were up this year which was a very welcome change. In fact, I had a woman pick up a painting earlier today to take to her home to try it out with the decor and lighting and am waiting on her decision by tomorrow. So this years studio tour has been wonderfully succesful especially when you consider that it rained on both days. Sorry I didn't take any other pictures this year. We had a good amount of people come through so a lot of yaking was going on.
As usual, we offered wine, coffee, cokes and a good selection of snacks to eat. Linda makes what looks like a buffet table and decorates with flowers too. Many of the artists on the studio tour don't go this route figuring they want the people concentrating on purchasing art rather than eating. We've always found that people really enjoy this though...a little pampering so to speak but why not. We've never had a sole tell us they were offended by the offering of a glass of wine and the choice of deciding what to eat....nope, not once.
The crowd as always was a good mix of people who enjoy art. I try and talk with each of them and get a little background on them. It is always interesting to see who really likes art around here and how far they will drive to see the behind the scenes part of it. I make friends and always invite them back. We have a couple of get-togethers before and after the tour for the artists to meet and that's always fun too. Holly Kline and Stacy Ott of the Wildling Museum, which sponsors this event, did a great job and work many, many hours for the tour. I can't thank them enough. Hopefully next years tour will be a success too.


Mick Carney said...

Good to hear that sales have picked up. Looks impressive. I think your hospitality idea is a good one, it gives you time to establish a relationship with potential buyers. Most artists I know believe that establishing those relationships leads to future sales.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mick,
The show this year went very well. Personally, I think the November elections had a lot to do with that. A glimmer of hope has finally arrived.

People like the food and drink and it tends to relax everyone more. Gives me time to strike up a conversation and find out what they like about art or think about mine. We have made some really dear friends through this tour so it's all a good thing.
Thanks Mick.