Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wilcox Property Shadows

"Wilcox Property Shadows"
18" X 24" Oil on Canvas
More fun with some really nice morning shadows down at the Wilcox Property in Santa Barbara. This is the main trail that runs parallel with the bluffs overlooking the Pacific to the left side of the painting. There are a lot of coastal cypress trees there and they make for a nice change in painting eucalyptus, oak and sycamore trees. Of course, the Wilcox property has some nice stands of eucalyptus so I had to paint some of those too. I saw these shadows while walking in and knew right away that I'd do some sort of painting with them. It was a lot of fun painting the shadows.
I plan on going back down here when the foggy days are here in summer. I'm sure there will be some killer atmospheric images to be had in this area. I cant wait!


Mick Carney said...

This area is providing you with wonderful possibilities and you are responding in an inspiring way. This is a stunning painting where your control of value and colour is outstanding. This is one of the finest in yuor already admirable output.

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Mick,

I have so many good possible paintings from my trip down to Eaton Canyon in Pasadena and now some other really fine possibilities from this Wilcox property. I could do 10 paintings easily from both due to the great reference material.
Of course I have to come up with good painting to match the ref material...not as easy as it sounds, hahaha.
Thanks for the good words Mick. I really appreciate it! These shadows leading into the scene were just so much fun and inspiring to painting this scene.