Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Card for 2013

This years card was painted yesterday afternoon while waiting for guests to arrive at our house. Linda went out to meet them and as soon as she headed out the door to drive to their hotel I started painting. I finished the painting shortly after they arrived. Alla prima work is fun and this snow scene was pretty easy to paint. The background is really just blurred tones of paint. Then some blurred tones of purple bushes and then rigger brush work foing the branches of the tall plants and smalle trees. All the foreground was just an off-white and then some violet shadows. Lettering was done in photoshop over the finished image.
Maybe next year I'll start a painting for a Christmas card and print some to actually mail out. That would be cool but needs to be done ahead of time.
So, Merry Christmas to by the Golden Rule, love one another, appreciate the things and people around you and enjoy life no matter how hard it can be at times....we only have it for a short time so try your best to enjoy as much of it as possible and let the rest of it not bother you.
My best to you and yours!!!!!


Karen said...

Ho Ho Ho!!!
Great job capturing this winter scene.
BTW, you're not fooling me….this was a lot more difficult for people to paint than you alluded to! Those are wonderful colors & effects on both the background and foreground.
Merry Christmas to you and Linda!

Ron Guthrie said...

Ho Ho Ho to you too Karen. Hope you having a great Christmas day. This painting was fun and really just fell together....One of these days we'll paint and we'll do a Christmas scene.
Merry Merry to you and yours Karen.