Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Over 100,000 !

Painting near all of that mustard on the Palos Verde peninsula, CA.
I was signing in the post something else and noticed on my stats that I have now officially had over 100,000 visitors to my blog. Imagine if I had recieved 1 dollar from each visitor, hahaha. All the paint and frames I could have bought is staggering. Still, it is quit an accomplishment for this little art blog among the hundreds of thousands of art blogs. 
I hope to post better work here in the coming year. It has been a crazy last 2 years, lots of things going on and an economy still dragging artists on the ground...I'm one of them. Hopefully, better art will happen depsite it all.
If you are reading this then you are why I post here and share my work and crazy thoughts with you. I'm honored you have taken the time to check out my work and I thank you for doing so.
Thank You!!!


Jim Serrett said...

Congratulations, that is great – just think you exposed that many people to your art!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Jim,
Yeah, that's pretty cool to imagine that many visits have been made to the! Thanks and Happy Holidays Jim.