Friday, December 20, 2013

Quick Oak Frames

Last year I painted two snowman scenes to give to my daughters to hang in their homes during the Christmas season every year as a way of forcing them to remember their Dad, hahaha. The truble was I did the paintings at the last minute, which is when most ideas pop into my head, and didn't have time to frame them. I gave them to the girls but told them to let me keep them to frame them which took me forever. This week I made frames for them, finally, and they came out pretty nice. Above is the raw oak wood on left that I cut down to what I need on the right. It's just a basic "L" shape. After cutting 4 sections and glueing them together the painting will slide in from behind and stop at the lip you see on the section to the left of that crack in the wood.
Here is what the frame looks like all finished and with one of my paintings inside to test it......
This isn't the frame I'd use for this painting but it shows how the frame works with a painting in it. The dark stained oak works nice with the actual paintings of the snowmen. I think my girls will be happy.....and that's another project that's finally finished!


Diane Cutter said...

So clever, Ron... and so glad to hear of another artist who is skilled at procrastination, one of my favorite faults. Have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to your 2014 postings.

Karen said...

Your amazing Ron! Great idea for framing. I think it's cool that you cut and made this frame. What a gift!

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Diane,
By my late positing here you can see I'm working on my Masters of Procrastination. Actually, Linda bought me a gadget for my computer and that means I've been on and off trying to get it to work, hahaha. "Plug and Play" isn't what it used to be. We both will do better work this year Diane, thanks!

Hi Karen,
Thanks! That woods class in High School has really paid off over the years. Mr. Danielson would be proud.

Rachel Matteson said...

Without frames, paintings would be bare and wouldn't look as good. Frames are as important as the portraits. :)

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Rachel,
You're absolutely right. I still can't quite totally enjoy and gallery wrapped canvas hung on the wall compared to a painting in a good looking frame. Frames give it the finish and draw the eye into the painting.

These are just simple oak frames but they make a world of difference and I love making them myself. Art can't be all work! :)

Thanks for checking it out Rachel.