Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Day 1.....the Blog Days

Well, today marks the beginning of a new way to post my art....and possibly the beginning of the end for my Geeze....I even hate writing that out even though I've been thinking it over in my mind for the last 4 or 5 hours. I love my website and hate the thought of letting it go. Lots of things are changing again for me.....not all bad but none the less, Change! And, life is full of change.

I started my website years ago, the late 90's, to show my art and eventually sell it online. All of that happened for me and eventually my little website was ranked on the first page of Google and I think it still is. This came at the price of promoting the site for the first few years like a madman. Before I forgot to change the code for my hit-counter, per the vendor, I had about 80,000 hits. I let that go for almost 2 years and finally installed the new code last year. I started it out from scratch and since then am now back up to over 28,000 hits.......that is over 100,000 hits! Not bad for a puny little art site started by a guy who knew nothing of computers and was a shipping and receiving clerk in the 80's for Bell & Howell in Pasadena....which at the time made computers! hahaha. So, that is why I hate the thought of losing it. It has become my friend if that makes any sense.

Like I said, I did sell art but only a bit from the website. The majority of sales have come from other sources not located in a computer. Still, it is nice having a place of your own online that is basically, Your Gallery. This Blog will now become an extension of that space or perhaps The Space should I decide to shut my site down.

Typing is like talking to yourself with 2 fingers and I could do that all day but in case someone reads this I will try and keep this intro short.

I will begin to upload my pen & ink pieces and some of the paintings I have finished. I've only started painting in the last 4 or 5 months and completed about 15 so far. I love pen & ink but that takes lots of patience and hours of being "tight" with a Rapidograph. Painting allows me the break in that routine to create a piece of art in a few days and do it without any "tightness" involved......"Tight" meaning concentrating your buns off.

So here starts the blogging.......



Would you mind telling me how long it takes to create one of your pen and ink works?
Are you sure it's not photo?!
Luciano Figueiredo

Ron Guthrie said...

Hi Luciano,
The times vary on each piece due to the size and amount of dark areas or detail. An average 11"x14" usually takes about 30-40 hours and a 16"x20" will run 40-60. There have been times these were higher too.
That sounds like a long time but it is done in 3-6 hours sessions. I only work from photographs or sketches. No, these are not photos but thanks for the compliment.