Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Palms At Stow

"Palms At Stow"
11" X 14" Pen & Ink, Stippling
Doing landscapes in pen & ink is for only the dedicated....which of course could be easily confused with those without a life.....yeah, I've heard them all being a pen & ink artist working with the Stippling technique. This is an image that ranks up there with the hour meter running. The location is the Stow property in Goleta, California. I like this piece because it gave me the chance to draw various palm trees, sun bleached grasses and a very cool sky that doesn't quite show well on a computer but looks really sharp IRL.
I don't watch the clock when doing ink work so I really cannot give you an accurate time it took to complete this piece. I work in sessions of hours....2, 3 ,4 ,5 etc. depending on how well it is going, how much I'm charged up about a particular piece or if someone needs me to do something else besides draw all night.....(Shhhh, that's life getting in the way again.) .
When I was younger and had the eyes of an eagle I'd do marathon sessions and only stop because I got hungry. Too much fun!

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