Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Eucalyptus in Evening

Eucalyptus in Evening
9" X 12"
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
These majestic eucalyptus trees are everywhere in California it seems. Farmers use these as wind breaks for the fields....just like these were being used for that very purpose. Doing this one also allowed me to work more on skies which I love to paint. I actually learned to paint skies from an old Walter Foster book which really was a lesson on how to paint water....I just used it for the skies. far so good. I resorted to Walter Foster books for various lessons in painting to keep costs down on my budding painting hobby back in the early 80's and still buy them.
I have one WF book written by William Palluth and had it for years. About 6 months ago I was in a gallery in Los Olivos, CA and there on the wall was one of the paintings he had done in the book I was like seeing an old friend and put a big smile on my face.....which also reminds me of friends I made in various art classes over the years, they are all men and women in their 40's now!

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