Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wulff Windmill

"Wulff Windmill"
11" X 14" Pen & Ink, Stippling
This is a windmill used to drive a polishing gizmo that a man named Wulff built here in Solvang, CA. back in 1927 for his lapidary hobby....polishing rocks. It still stands and is right up the street from where I live, a historical landmark sitting in a field along the road at what was once his property. I plan on donating a print of this to the Elverhoy Museum in town. The curator there gave me some background info on the windmills history and she thought it was neat I was interested in the history behind the windmill. I will do this after the show I am entered in there for next month. This being a wood structure made for a fun time drawing it as wood patterns are always random and allow you to get creative as you draw the image. Doing the foliage is challenging and fun to do too....a bit time consuming but worth the effort I think.

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